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Western specializes in the transportation and environmentally safe disposal of a broad range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste products generated from both commercial and residential properties. We offer cost-effective solutions for general environmental needs to generator specific requests, such as marine and construction. Western is qualified to take action to mitigate or eliminate hazardous materials, oil, and other petroleum product damage resulting from: marine releases; land spills; industrial emergencies and damage from fire or storms and other emergencies.

Facility headquarters are located in Lincoln, RI where Western operates a licensed used-oil processing facility in compliance with the Federal and State Rules and Regulations for Hazardous Waste Management. Western is licensed as a Hazardous Waste Transporter in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and New York.

All Western spill response employees are trained using the OSHA standards that apply to Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. Western employees have the technical training and experience to accurately assess the quantity and types of hazardous materials, oil, and other petroleum products - including hazardous waste.

Western specializes in:

  • Tank Maintenance - including tank removals, cleaning, installation and pump-outs

  • Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal

  • Emergency Spill Response


Emergency Response  HazMat Team 1.800.240.5540

1 Duchess Way | Lincoln | Rhode Island | 02865